How to be productive while working remotely? A guide for Business Owners.

Due to the recent COVID-19 outbreak, many individuals everywhere throughout the world are working from home. If your organization is one of them, you may expect that this new reality will impact the efficiency of your team. Although this is an authentic worry, yet something you can do about it.

Today, we’ ll be exploring the approaches to limit the loss in productivity that may happen since we all are telecommuting and working remotely.

Communication with team.

In the event that you neglect to express something important to your team during a conference, you can basically approach to them and mention what you missed. But in present scenario, when everybody is working from their home, it’s unrealistic to do that, which is the reason you have to ensure that all details are communicated properly to your team and every one of them recognize what they have to do.

By sharing everything with everybody, you limit the danger of managing the results of two individuals taking a shot at a similar project or any of the different miscommunication issues.  Creating a closed social media group can be a useful tool for fast communication. Through some applications, a group meeting can also be organized from time to time to get status of any ongoing project.

Other than speaking with your team, you have to ensure you set up the appropriate occasions and correspondence channels for representatives to speak with you and each other. In the event that you incline towards email for detailing, make sure your team recognize that. Likewise, they must be informed about your accessibility so they know when to anticipate an answer from you.

Tracking Time of Your Team

Probably the greatest concern with remote work nowadays is whether their employees are accomplishing the work they are being paid to do. By tracking anticipate their time, you’ll find that they are not working with optimum efficiency and a few deadlines  will be certainly missed. Time tracking can likewise assist you with apportioning your assets, sort out outstanding task at hand appropriately and ensure responsibility.

The simplest approach to follow time is to utilize a stopwatch or a clock application and simply define the time it will take to do a specific job. Most organizations use various application /tools, (for example, Workpuls) which does more often than only time tracking for any specific job.

Appropriately Manage Resources

We prescribe that you talk with your board and your  crew and attempt to make sense of what work can be done effectively while working remotely. Decide all your top needs and attempt to get everybody to concentrate on the most significant assignments. You’ll constantly need to adjust to the current circumstance and your organization’s needs as everything creates. Open up to your team and everything that is not working and attempt as most ideal as to address those issues.

Improve Non-Work Discussions

Non-work discussions are basic piece of work socialization furthermore, when these sorts of discussions don’t exist any longer, individuals can once in a while feel segregated. Individuals that normally work in the workplace will in general discussion about non-work matters whether by the water cooler or during lunch. At the point when individuals get dislodged from their office to their homes, these discussions can get lost.

To ensure this doesn’t occur to your team, urge them to at present have those easygoing discussions with one another. You can do this by arranging happy hours, short breathers by means of video conferencing instruments, and much more.

Be Transparent

Transparency is one of the key parts of fruitful remote work. By being open and straightforward with one another, your team can perform together without any issues. To introduce truthfulness into your company, always maintain that everybody is responsible. To do that, you need to have every one of your team report back on their work performance in a manner that is simple for everybody to get to. This is another way you can monitor everybody’s performance on each of the activities they’re doing.


While the coronavirus flare-up has constrained numerous individuals to work from home and numerous business proprietors are worried about potential profitability loss, there are still ways to ensure that it doesn’t occur to your organization. Initially, you have to speak with all your representatives. You additionally need to share as much as it’s required for them to appropriately carry out their responsibilities. When imparting, certain standards – like time, means, and recurrence of correspondences need to be applied. Other than business related correspondence, you need your representatives to discuss non-business related things and attempt to move those water cooler gabs to the virtual space. Lastly, not neglecting to be open and straightforward with your team guarantees that everybody is still on the highest point of his or her game, even in circumstances such as these.

Stay Home Stay Safe.

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